GCAM                  "Let Us Unite for Progress"


     The Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal (GCAM) as a non-profit organization, gets its funding from membership fees and fund-raising activities. An important contribution to help deal with the administrative expenses. The Executive body, elected by the members, perform their function on a voluntary basis. Without that support and contribution the GCAM simply would not exist.
    We urge you to become a member and support the association. You will play a big part in ensuring that we can continue to provide the services and events geared towards preserving the Guyanese culture, and tradition while offering a familiar and friendly environment in which you and your family can meet old friends and make new ones.

    Becoming a Member
    It is very easy to becoming a member of GCAM. Simply complete and submit the appropriate Application form

Who can join.
    All Guyanese and CARICOM Nationals are eligible to become members of the Association. "GUYANESE" shall be any individual born of at least one Guyanese parent.

Types of Membership:-
    There are four (4) categories of membership as defined as follows:

Ordinary Member:
    A Guyanese National whose primary place of residence is in the province of Quebec.

Associate Member:
    A Guyanese National resident in any Canadian Province or Territory, other than Quebec, Guyana, or any other Commonwealth country, or any person born in any CARICOM Country, or at least one parent who is considered a CARICOM National.

Honorary Member:
    A Non-Guyanese National interested in promoting the aims and objectives of the Association, may be granted honorary membership status.

Life Member:
     A member of the Association, whether Ordinary, Associate or Honorary, or any other person who in the view of the majority of the General Assembly, by open ballot at the General Assembly.

 The Board of Directors
     Executives :
President                                         Mr.     U. Leebert   Sancho          
Vice President                                 Mrs.   Hinsley     Cambridge          
Treasurer                                         Mr.    William       Critchlow
                                       Mrs.  Pamela       Richmond        
Assistant Secretary                        Mrs.  Barbara      Fraser            
Assistant Secretary /                      Mrs.  Sabrina       Seales-Bess
Assistant Treasurer  
Public Relations Officer                  Mrs. Yvonne     Sam

      Executive Committee Members
 Immediate Past President                Mr.   Lambert    Williams     
                                                        Mr.   Patrick     Assanah
                                                          Mr.   Sherwyn   Figueira            
Mr.   Kingsley   Hohenkirk
       Committee Chairpersons:
 Benevolent                                      Mrs. Eslyn       Sancho           
 Information                                      Ms.  Merle      Gravesande        
 Finance & Entertainment               Ms.  Mariette   Ross           
 Youth, Education, & Research      Mrs. Carmen   Lee            

        The executive members are elected for two years term in office. The elected members can continue to hold office if re-elected for another term.

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