GCAM                       "Let Us Unite for Progress"

 Information on GCAM  


    In 1966 a number of Guyanese had an idea - bring together all Guyanese who live in Montreal to protect and maintain their culture.
    During a conversation with the High Commissioner of Guyana to Canada, the Hon. Neville Selman, the idea of forming an Association to promote the interests of Guyanese was discussed.
    A few weeks after that conversation, fourteen people who shared the same idea met for the first time, elections were held and Willie Wright became the interim chairman.
    Another meeting was held to discuss the process of forming the Association, and a constitution committee was appointed. It included Erwin Stewart, Patrick Machley, Wilfred Lee and Claude Ferdinand.
    In the spring of 1967, Guyanese assembled at a hall in Little Burgundy where they held an election, and the birth of Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal was celebrated.
    The persons who were elected to run the Association were Erwin Stewart, the first president of GCAM, Vashty Cramer, Secretary and Wilfred Lee, treasurer. Today, GCAM is still as strong as ever.

                     The Aims and Objectives of GCAM are as follows:-
1.    To organize Cultural and Social activities for people of Guyanese origin in the Province of Quebec.
2.    To organize Educational programs and related activities.
3.    To print, publish, and distribute Educational materials and information of interest to members of the
4.    To provide, opportunities for Educational, Cultural, Social, and Recreational activities.
5.    To provide Counseling services to members.
6.    To encourage, facilitate, and assist newly arrived immigrants to establish themselves in the Province of 
7.    To establish a relationship with other Associations pursuing similar objectives.
8.    To raise funds for the purposes of the Association.
9.    To assist, where possible, any member of the Association, who is in trouble or distress.
10.   Generally, to promote the Cultural, Educational, Social, Civic, and Economic welfare of Guyanese in
       the Province of Quebec.

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